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Impossible to get to the stadium ?

Beeyeah, Insurance that comforts.

An unexpected event ?

Beeyeah, Insurance that comforts.

Not in a good mood to go to the game ?

Beeyeah, Insurance that comforts.

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How does it go, how to profit from it?

In order to profit from one of services “BEEYEAH”, it is necessary that you bought a ticket or a subscription near one of the clubs or a entertainment company having subscribed a partnership with BEEYEAH.

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Which are the covered cases?

For the subscribers: the refunding of a certain number of tickets according to the option chosen by the club or the entertainment company to which you are subscribed;

For the occasional spectators: the refunding of the ticket according to the conditions chosen by the club or the entertainment company near whom you bought the ticket.

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How to be made refund?

You must click on the link below in order to discover the form to be downloaded. Fill it, print it, and to return it to us either by e-mail or by mail to the addresses indicated, accompanied imperatively by the obligatory documents for proof of an assumption of responsibility.

Download the claim form

In the beginning we are specialized in the insurances relating to the world of the company, of financial protection as in that of the leaders, like in the mechanical sports of competition.

The insurance in inclusion exists for a large number of subjects in the world of the company, but did not exist yet in the world of the ticket office.

With the professionalisation of a large number of sport, the interest carried to the spectators passed in third or fourth position, whereas without these spectators there would be no show and the sports would not have exploded on the media level in the same way.

The idea is to give again interest with these spectators, in their recalling that without them there would be no possible show, by making them profit from an insurance cancellation in formula all causes, while creating an important income source for the clubs or organizers of shows.

We thus developed a specific product, by using a management system which was born from our experiment in the expertise on the disasters near our customers.

For the clubs or Entertainment Companies, after validation of the protocol and reception of the files at the time of each match or representation, we assume the entirety of the technical, operational and financial follow-up.

We communicate, via our site, the useful information and necessary to the supporters or spectators on operation of the offer and the methods in the event of claim.

Any request can be done, as from the moment when this one corresponds to a warranty subscribed by the club or the entertainment company, that the ticket was bought near the ticket office of the club which receives or the company which organizes, and whom the applicant either imperatively domiciled in the country or of the club (Beeyeah partner) which receives, or of the entertainment company (Beeyeah partner) which organizes.